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  • Welcome to enterprising Deventer

    The 1250-year-old Hanseatic city of Deventer has a lot to off er to the entrepreneur of today: business locations with great accessibility, a highly appreciated residential climate, outstanding cultural and educational facilities and aff ordable business areas and commercial property. This clever Selection Manager is off ering you an overview of the many possibilities.

  • All the information you need

    This site contains information on a wide variety of subjects. The rich history of the city, which has over a 100.000 residents these days. Or the wonderful mix of institutes for advanced education, specialised and highly skilled employees, an extensive and extremely fast fi bre optic network and state of the art logistic facilities. But also on the active organisations for employers and trade associations, and on our thriving sectors, such as technical engineering, trade and information. And last but not least, on our 10 business areas and their unique locational advantages.

  • Create your own overview

    This clever tool makes it easy for you to select all the data that matter to you. Whether you are looking for the perfect location for your company or a customer, the Selection Manager is there to help you search specifi cally and fi lter by environmental category and other relevant criteria. Simply select the right information about a business area and download a presentation that is made to measure. This PDF-fi le is interactive and contains links to crucial information such as development plans and the off er of business locations on the websites of the regional business brokers.

  • Deventer has room for you

    The Deventer municipality will actively help you to set-up business. We have a special team ready to answer all your questions and off er practical solutions. Meet the advice-support team.

  • Buying or renting?

    The local real estate brokers will guide you through the current off er of business property and commercial buildings. This Selection Manager will provide you with all the important contact details.

  • Deventer on the map

    The Selection Manager off ers you a convincing overview of Deventer’s advantageous network of waterways, railways and roads – on the Amsterdam-Berlin axis – and its central position among the strong economical centres in Europe.

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